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In case you have not noticed, our government has become little more than pathetic. Having elected LEADERS go to D.C. is almost a kamikaze mission in itself. If you don't know how to play the game you will be consumed by Super Pacs and labeled anything from Hitlerish to Genghis Khan in the process.

Americans can only blame themselves for teaching winning at all costs as being the golden rule. For God and country is not a theme practiced except by our heroes in the military. Everyone else falls way short of patriotism but there are plenty of symbolic gestures abound. Wave a flag for an hour, block access to a building or wear a flag pin on your clothes and you will be magically cloaked in patriotic glory.

The slow grind of our government in this fast paced world has cost all of us more than we can ever put a number to. The constant spin, double talk and trickery wants us to believe a shit sandwich is good and we should eat more of them and actually like it.

Jobs fleeing our shores for 30 years has not helped either. Even people who came to this country for refuge, security and freedom, like Eduardo Saverin, co- founder of facebook, now disowns his US Citizenship, which was our nations greatest gift to him, and took his new found wealth to Singapore. What a proud American success story. Thanks Eduardo, your lack of honor is just one example of the many problems faced by our country. Sucking off our national tit until you get the chance to run with the money. That is a theme of me first and me second. Just haul butt and never look back.

Yearly people like Eduardo and his family flock to our shores to participate in our dreams, possibilities and ease of living. Now our wagon is broken and no one wants to put aside their agenda for a greater good. Soon the wagon will be stripped and missing so many parts of it that it will be broken forever.

. To put the new world order in a more laymen terms;

1- Basketball players make more than effective educators.
2- Not everyone is lucky enough to go to Harvard.
     In fact most Americans could never afford the experience..
3- State Farm Insurance is now a BANK.
4- Getting a college degree does not guarantee a good job.

We as Americans can either find a solution really quick or be ready to sing Gene Raskin's song "Those were the days my friend" (example by Mary Hopkins    )
"We thought they'd never end."


PS- Shit sandwiches do not come with Mayo, Cheese or Jelly.
That is extra.


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