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Attend the Barbecue Free.

Join in the newest and fastest growing national sport. Nothing to buy and anyone can play. The rules are simple. Calmly wait until anyone brings out a proposal to deal with the National debt. Don't waste any time reading any reports or papers just get your fire going and promptly start barbecuing the presenter. He or she is now fair game and each pound of flesh you can cook is worth 20 points. Be sure and include tar and feather words like, "hates children, elderly death camps, starve the poor, addicted to porn and parties with bankers."  for extra points. The Pit master who can cook the most idea presenters is the winner. If you wear a US flag lapel button give yourself an extra 40 points. If you miss cooking a presenter than subtract 10 points. When no one wants to present anymore ideas the game is over and you can clear your card and wait for the next game/crisis to start again.

Whatever happened to the America that solved problems? The America whose members came to the aide of their country. Our talents and determination was always what made us great. Where did that go? Our pot of gold  has been raided by crybabies and greed and our abilities to provide solutions has turned into fodder for the Greatest Reality TV the world has ever seen.

I have a few ideas but on second thought, no way am I going to be roasted by my country and get a strong douse of tar and feathers to boot. At least we can be proud of ourselves that the world is watching. Remember this- our children are also.


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