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Ok, So we'll throw in some pics and video too.

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Quote of the Last Century:  
Sticks and Stones can break my bones,
but words can never hurt me...............

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Is this what the French President is striving for?
To have us no longer give a rats ass about the french.
Does his relationship with Sadam out weigh the common good?

What ever happened to our friends the French?

Did I miss something? The French should be the first to stand up when someone is insinuating that the US is trying to take over a country. Are your historians leaving out the chapter about who ran the Germans out and gave you back your nation? Hell, you would be speaking German if it were not for us. We have spilt our nations blood defending your country. No, we didn't expect anything in return but your manners and how you voice your opinions need to be tempered with history. You have insulted every American who has ever served in our military or the offspring of these heroic people.
It is perfectly acceptable to disagree but to be rude and arrogant about it while you have one hand on your wallet is just a bit to far for all of us.
So we are going to show you what you seem to understand best.
We are asking all Veterans and any other Americans that feel we should at least get some civil respect in the tone and rhetoric of our "Friends" and are hereby calling for a boycott of all France made goods and French companies. Starting with your fancy china and glassware, all the way to your designer clothes. Let's not forget your water and your entertainment industry. Let's just say no to French products all together. Forget Paris and your film festival and may anyone that drinks your wine see the blood of our slain soldiers on your beaches. Let us put our money where our mouths are. It is far better to give up something to support a job from our true friends. May our soldiers buried on your lands be forever remembered as a day that should of been negotiated instead of activated- I think not.
AFnews- 02.17.2003 by Herman Wilcox

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