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Ok, So we'll throw in some pics and video too.

Trade Center

Quote of the Last Century:  
Sticks and Stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.................



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Children are being abducted on a daily basis in the U.S. The trend is growing in what some law enforcement officials think is a major problem. Not only are the criminals kidnapping these kids they are also resolved to sexually molest and murder them too.
The problem is real and there are ways to lesson your risk and exposure to these types of crimes. The first step is to get involved in your local area in groups such as which are non-profits set up to look for these children on a moments notice. Don't just sit back and say it will never happen to you and yours. It is time to make a difference in our dangerous world and it all starts at home.

A year has come and gone

A year ago one of the United States greatest engineering feats  was attacked and reduced to a burning rubble. The World Trade Center was not only home to U.S. businesses but housed people from all over the world. The attack came from commercial airplanes highjacked from inside the U.S.
To memorialize those slaughtered on 9-11-01 the Wailing Wall was built with uPrime software to let the coming generations have insight into this horrible tragedy.
See and post your message for the world to see.

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