Playing chicken with our country is old school stupidity

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Whoever is in charge of this runaway, broken, government freight train has no better skills than to tell military families there are not getting paid, "for awhile" has no business trying to lead our country.
All this labeling, "Patriot", "Freedom Keeper", to the "I am doing this for our country" is a bigger idiot than someone should have sent to Washington.

You think the border agents are not tempted everyday? Now we don't pay them in a timely fashion and expect them to do their job with a positive attitude.
Not paying the banker is one thing but not paying our "True patriots" is unconscionable.
Every single congress person should go home and resign for the good of the country. Let's get a clean slate and try again. You sent these men and women into harms way on a promise. Keep your promise or quit and let someone else try.
If we don't protect those that protect us then we should not be surprised at the outcome of the insanity shown.

Paul Daniels


Stupid is another word for stupidiest

"Together We Will Make Our Country Great Again"

BS Bowregaurd The Third III

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nice watch
Is that from the cruise or the safari?

Are we ready to get real with our labeling of public service employees? 

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What makes us so stupid?

If only we had known of the proper job description and duties, to be a judge, more of us would have gone to law school. We thought it was a book worm type atmosphere only to find out it was a ticket to first class, tax free, Global attractions that only billionaires could appreciate or gift.
I would have never anticipated that kind of lavish gifting and when busted, they hold up their Boy Scouts Honor merit badge that was given to themselves, like that should mean something to the peons that pay for their lavish lifestyle. Ooops.
Like they say, ultimate power breeds ultimate corruption.
Now how do you get those swollen fist out of the cookie jar without crippling the system or worse, start a rebellion.
For my students in Civics 202 carefully watch the labeling and re-labeling of the English language. It will truly be a sad day when we cannot tell right from wrong no matter what the label says.

Paul Daniels


Law School


We Can Only Blame Ourselves

by Paul Daniels

Reality TV to the next level.

Every person in America that has ever voted is partially responsible for the dogpile President Trump is under. We tolerated his less than perfect behavior and laughed at his jokes even when they were hurtful. We overlooked his rude behavior but would have beat the daylights out of our own children if they acted the same way. He has always had a privileged life but he never received proper guidance on what is really right and wrong. The longer the coddling and pampering, the more embolden he became, naturally. When we, as a country, tolerated lies with video tape and eyewitness proof it took his mindset to new heights. He has never really had to answer for his shortcuts and deceit until maybe now. But anyone that thinks he is going to be treated like anyone else is stupid.
First, he is coming to court on his own 757 Boeing Jet without an ankle bracelet.
Second, he is bringing his own security detail, that we pay their salaries, benefits and overtime.
Third, the purpose of fingerprinting a perp is for future reference but President Trump does not leave his fingerprints on doors or window sills. Maybe check books and hush accounts but he does not have show them or turn those over.
Fourth, if all the parties were somewhat rational, we would not want his carbon footprint spewing over Atlanta for a photo and palm print. Trump is getting used as a PR puppet and powerful people will make him jump, sit and behave for an hour.
What a waste of time and fresh air.
Fifth, I bet you they don't strip search him or hold him in the drunk tank until they can get to him. He won't be hanging around for the baloney sandwich with a room temperature Kool-aid chaser either.
So who is lying to whom. This is just another made for TV super spectacle, when he could have raised his hand and promised to be in court on a specific day.
I bet he does not have some exorbitant bail even though he is charged with plotting to over through our government. The irreputable harm to his followers and their families will live longer than he will.
My final bet is they can't make him wear an ankle bracelet like everyone else charged with these type crimes so lets be honest, he is not just like everyone else and never will be.
We can only blame ourselves for the Trump train wreck. Let the rubber necking begin. 

Let it rip.

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A true American original.
We thank you for your service.

Bill Richardson

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The irony of DA Fani Willis proclamation that she was going to try all the defendants together. Mr Trump is the only one that has that much seating and handicap  bathrooms to hold such an event.
Do the math. If 50% of the lawyers and staff are women then you need more bathrooms than any courthouse in Georgia has and that is just the facts of the human anatomy.

Facts are facts.

Can our country survive without compassion
for a mother who lost her daughter in a
high school massacre? Watch the sad state
our nation is in below and you decide.

Massacre at Santa Fe High School
Greatest Race On Earth Join Us

There is no pulling a rabbit out of the hat to save us this time.

In case anyone did not get the memo from Mother Earth recently, let me do the math for you. Hotter ground temperatures result in more moisture taken into the air and we all know what goes up must come down. In our current world, unfortunately, it comes back as a Rain Bomb. We can spend the next ten years debating Climate ( NOTE: first film to sound the alarm was in 1982 - see it here for free) but in the meantime what are we going to do about rising sea levels and destructive weather patterns. This is going to be like musical chairs except the seat is for safe housing and sustainable lifestyles. Not everyone is going to be happy with the outcome to say the least. We are all vulnerable to tornadoes, extreme heat and flooding. Supply chain disruptions and a host of other realities are just the tip of this self created problem, what are we waiting for?

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Voting Is For Lovers

Our Senate in action.

Do politicians really believe that we can take them serious anymore?
It's easier to follow the money.

Our future depends on this?

When one person can stop the government from doing their job it is time to rethink the equation. Some suggest this is a new form of ransom or even a sell out. When one person can stop our progress you have to start looking under some rocks to see which one he or she climbed out from under.
It is good to make a valid point in our world but to harm the rest of us with destructive behavior is not the oath taken when elected. Last time I checked. Anyone that would punish volunteers (Active Military) who choose to work for less money for the good of the rest of us, has never had anyone around them in a military family.
No skin in the game so to speak.
I propose we have a national online vote where we can suspend the state the destructive politician is from, participation in our union. Basically throw them out and let them fend for themselves. We can put a black patch over one star in our flags and move on.
Playing ego games with our nation's military personnel and their families is about as anti American as I can think of.

The Next World Order 

If people are not going to do what is best for the group then what is the purpose of our union with them. It reminds me of when I was a kid and the spoiled brat took the marbles and went away. The game did stop as this one has, but this is our nations military.

Paul Daniels

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Maya Angelou

Last Chance.

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With our country so divided, who is going to lead the effort to put the United back into United States?
Is it even possible?
We can't even get a handle on our carbon footprint, plastic pollution and the slow disappearance of drinkable water much less being civil to one another.

Billionaires taking joy rides to outer space and millionaires travel the globe on their private flying palaces. The line in the sand moves often, depending on how much money you have or can even be totally erased if you have the Presidential Magic Wand. 
This "I want to save the planet" but we have to do it Tuesday because I'm taking my jet to Maui for the weekend" attitude is not going to get the job done. There is no Planet B we can go to until "they" get it fixed. We are the last line of defense. is a anthem to raise up our collective voices and be heard. Join your voice to ours.

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