Am I missing something?

     I have noticed in my short lifespan dramatic changes in the world we live in and the advantages of being born in the USA. The way of life we have taken for granted is slowly slipping away and everyone wants to blame someone else.

     We are spending millions to find out what was going on when 4 jumbo jets get highjacked on the same day by the same people at different airports and everyone is doing what is required of them by the system- "wasn't our fault" "If they had" "if we had".  Our entire system dropped the ball. I blame the airport security more than anyone. The coffee and donuts that we the taxpayers have paid for was for not. When someone is allowed to steal an airplane and turn it into a Weapon of Mass Destruction we must stop and look at the fix. We are human if you had not remembered that. We are all in the same boat. But we are definitely not on the same page.

     We have twisted and put the spin on everything we do and the twirl goes faster each round. When our kids are dying in the name of freedom should we tolerate anyone putting a spin on the boat that we are all in, or at least most of us. We have seen the twists that included Bill did not have sex with Monica. The parade on our TV's of barbecuing Bill.
Talk about job creation programs, the media industry doubled during that waste of time and money. Bill did what half of them had done in the past, even Arnold's hormones made him grab a feel of someone(s) tush(s) . Lets be upfront about it. Anyone that would put a dress with semen on it in a safety deposit box instead of the dry cleaners can only be labeled an opportunist at best. Am I missing something here?

     We look at 5 million workers in the USA are out of a job and yet businesses are complaining that immigration policy is too strict and they will not have enough workers to do their businesses since they depend on foreign labor. Am I missing something?

     It's got to change. We have to do what our forefathers did hundreds of years ago; unite. Ever hear of the great words of wisdom, "United we stand, divided we fall."  Did we miss something?
Our way of life is being attacked on every level you can imagine. Blame is being spread at record levels. Mud is the only commodity that is not in short supply. It is time to wake up! We are being beaten at the very game we created. Yes, the USA is slowly being taken down by greed, ignorance and corruption. And blocking out Janet Jackson's tit is not going to change anything. Have you never gone into the school library and looked at a National Geographic or Sports Illustrated magazine. (You can lie to me but not to yourself unless you are contemplating a career in politics.)




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