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Bombing children is wrong.
Please stop.

Debate Fever?

Are we unable to have a civil meeting of the minds?

Our future depends on this?

Has our lack of competent education led us to the land of anger and dysfunctional screaming instead of a being problem solvers?
Are we doomed because of our ignorance?


Anyone can provide disparaging remarks, some faster and funnier than others. The truth of the matter is we need problem solvers not instigators. We need more innovators and less haters. If we cannot find a way to unite then we will become one of histories great lessons on greed and dishonesty. We have to turn our dilemma around as a nation and do it for real. Lying and BS will not solve our problems. Rain Bombs, Mass shootings, Forest Fires and corruption is just a small part of what we are facing as a country.
Remember this: United We Stand Divided We Fall. 
Paul Daniels

Dare to be the solution.

What makes us great

Americas Musical Magician

Lionel Richie

I had to catch my brain flying out the window when I heard Lionel Richie and Eminem were inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame at the same time! Don't get me wrong, Eminem is a great entertainer, but Lionel Richie has been knocking music homeruns totally out of the park before Eminem was born.  So we want to take this moment to apologize to Lionel, for America being so prejudice and this hall of fame induction just further proves the point that black entertainers have felt over time.
Lionel you are one of the greatest American treasures to ever live.
We thank you for Being You.

Lionel Richie

Let it rip.

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Give us your thoughts.

Greatest Race On Earth Join Us

There is no pulling a rabbit out of the hat to save us this time.

In case anyone did not get the memo from Mother Earth recently, let me do the math for you. Hotter ground temperatures result in more moisture taken into the air and we all know what goes up must come down. In our current world, unfortunately, it comes back as a Rain Bomb. We can spend the next ten years debating Climate ( NOTE: first film to sound the alarm was in 1982 - see it here for free) but in the meantime what are we going to do about rising sea levels and destructive weather patterns. This is going to be like musical chairs except the seat is for safe housing and sustainable lifestyles. Not everyone is going to be happy with the outcome to say the least. We are all vulnerable to tornadoes, extreme heat and flooding. Supply chain disruptions and a host of other realities are just the tip of this self created problem, what are we waiting for?

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Go Think

With our country so divided, who is going to lead the effort to put the United back into United States?
Is it even possible?
We can't even get a handle on our carbon footprint, plastic pollution and the slow disappearance of drinkable water much less being civil to one another.

Billionaires taking joy rides to outer space and millionaires travel the globe on their private flying palaces. The line in the sand moves often, depending on how much money you have or can even be totally erased if you have the Presidential Magic Wand. 
This "I want to save the planet" but we have to do it Tuesday because I'm taking my jet to Maui for the weekend" attitude is not going to get the job done. There is no Planet B we can go to until "they" get it fixed. We are the last line of defense. is a anthem to raise up our collective voices and be heard. Join your voice to ours.

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Paul Daniels

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