Wanted, professional corker. Must have own drill.

Where can you buy a corked bat anyway? Do they teach that trade in shop class in high school or is that an advanced class for millionaires only? Have we become a society of corkers?
Is Professional Baseball the only group corking?

Corking has been going on ever since the Indians got corked when they sold their land for beads and mirrors. Here are some of the modern corkings in the world.

1) Home run hitter, Sammy Sosa

2) Network Solutions and how they corked Congress into managing the .com, .net, and .org registries.
a) when you go back and study the history of Network Solutions and the ICANN you can plainly see a great example of corking.
Did you know that Network Solutions gets paid $6.00 per year for every .com and .net, for simply running a database? They are also the only business that can sell you something and then have their cousin, ICANN, take it back. They use to call that a racket or racketeering but it now falls into the corking category because somehow it is OK all of a sudden.
b) Were you one of hundreds that received free domain renewals if you transferred over to Network Solutions? Ask Register.com what happened when Network Solutions gives away free renewals to your large domain clients- P.S.-they are now owned by Network Solutions, convenient or corking?

3) The ICANN having their office in Marina Del Rey, California.
The view is great, but is that really wise to waste money on such an unnecessary and over priced location for the business that is in charge of law and order for the international internet? Fact is they could operate this outfit just about anywhere in the world. Yachts and the good life classify this as corking. Is their secrecy also necessary? More Info- See bat corking 101.

4) U.S. service men and women. Free a country and then get shot at daily? Hello. Anybody home?

5) Bulk Register. Another registrar that thinks the wild west applies to the internet by attempting to derail a sick and crippled children's charity by playing games with their domain names. Who can be so cold and cruel!

6) OPEC. Need I say more?

7) Partisanship.

8) Not paying taxes. The system cannot possibly work without our funds. Since our system is the best available, we should do our fair share to keep it sound and operational.

9) Our education system. Have we failed to relay the knowledge for the jobs of the future? We sure make reading The Hobit mandatory, why not technology and skills?

10) Bill corked Monica. More Info- See advanced corking 404.

11) For Advanced Corking See ENRON 101 or WorldCom 202.

Yes, corking is everywhere. It is even acceptably tolerated in our society. When millionaires start corking baseball bats and presidents are corking their staff,  it's time to sit up and look at where this is heading. Our kids are the real losers because the value placed in their mind is that corking just gets you a major time out. Nothing more.

Paul Daniels- AFNEWS

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