Benjamin Netanyahu


What do these men have in common?

What do these men

have in common?

They have in their complete control, the ability to changes lives forever.
That is a power few can imagine, much less boast about, but these 4 men can. If they could somehow overcome their weakness and BECOME human for just a day, they would see the tragedy set in motion by their direct actions. A tidal wave of sorrow and poverty for generations to come.
The ripples of hatred  blazing across the planet is bringing suffering to unimaginable levels. We are creating our own plague. 
The powerful 4 must always be wondering if karma in the future would hate their children enough to harm them as some sort of spiritual payback.

I was glad to see Israel sold $8B in(war) bonds to pay for their own war in Gaza. At least Congress got one thing right. We should never tax our citizens to pay for a total annihilation of a group of people. Make them pay for their own bombs and bullets. We have enough blood on our hands from the Native American decimation in our own country to be part of something so ruthless again. I understand the rock and the hard place. Which came first the chicken or the egg and why did the chicken cross the road. Gaza and Ukraine has raised a new level of real concern if humanity can survive our self induced plague.

I'm not going to be cocky and tell you who to vote for or to even vote.
I am going to tell you to THINK.
As I've said in the past. Bombing Children Is Wrong.

Paul Daniels


War Is Always A Tragedy.

Not all tax cheats are created equal

Go Think

This is a blunt reminder what US citizens are seeing over and over. Wesley Snipes got jail time for tax dodging and our highest judicial court wants us to believe the law experts did not know a Hundred Thousand Dollar gift is taxable. You win a vacation on Let's Make A Deal and Uncle Sam wants his cut. It is a difficult sell to people under 40 that the system is not fixed, like a crooked roulette wheel with the USA brand stamped all over it. Gives made in America a whole new meaning.
With the advent of the internet it gets optically impossible to deliver bull shit to the younger Americans who have seen it all, both fake and real. Starting with the public flogging of Bill Clinton that Congress affirmed a blow job was not sex. Over and over we are teaching the leaders of tomorrow that cutting corners and lying is just a means to the end. The sad reality is that you can run a public illusion and get elected to congress. Humans in America have been tarred, feathered and run out of town for far less.
Raising your hand on a stack of bibles does not mean anything anymore after the thousands of priest caught molesting children. Nothing is sacred for sure. 
I think a roman once said 'ultimate power creates ultimate corruption". How many get out of jail free cards are out there and how do you get one? How many times can someone plead ignorance and be the top scholar on US Law.
Stop wondering why the youth of our country have little or no respect for "The Law" because we rub their face in the injustice of the system. Then we ask "Would you like to supersize that?"
The most amazing part of this experiment called America is that somebody loaned us 33 Trillion dollars. Who would loan that much money to a dysfunctional group like us. That translates into $99,000.00 per every citizen, man woman and child.

Unless we can find leaders that are for real and really fast we may end up like the Romans or worse when our youth thinks the Court, Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus are from the same book.

Paul Daniels


Stupid is another word for stupidiest

What makes us great

American Poet, musician, and philanthropist.

Jimmy Buffett

A true American original.

Jimmy Buffett

Playing chicken with our country is old school stupidity

Go Think

Whoever is in charge of this runaway, broken, government freight train has no better skills than to tell military families there are not getting paid, "for awhile" has no business trying to lead our country.
All this labeling, "Patriot", "Freedom Keeper", to the "I am doing this for our country" is a bigger idiot than someone should have sent to Washington.

You think the border agents are not tempted everyday? Now we don't pay them in a timely fashion and expect them to do their job with a positive attitude.
Not paying the banker is one thing but not paying our "True patriots" is unconscionable.
Every single congress person should go home and resign for the good of the country. Let's get a clean slate and try again. You sent these men and women into harms way on a promise. Keep your promise or quit and let someone else try.
If we don't protect those that protect us then we should not be surprised at the outcome of the insanity shown.

Paul Daniels


Stupid is another word for stupidiest


Let it rip.

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Can our country survive without compassion
for a mother who lost her daughter in a
high school massacre? Watch the sad state
our nation is in below and you decide.

Massacre at Santa Fe High School
Greatest Race On Earth Join Us

There is no pulling a rabbit out of the hat to save us this time.

In case anyone did not get the memo from Mother Earth recently, let me do the math for you. Hotter ground temperatures result in more moisture taken into the air and we all know what goes up must come down. In our current world, unfortunately, it comes back as a Rain Bomb. We can spend the next ten years debating Climate ( NOTE: first film to sound the alarm was in 1982 - see it here for free) but in the meantime what are we going to do about rising sea levels and destructive weather patterns. This is going to be like musical chairs except the seat is for safe housing and sustainable lifestyles. Not everyone is going to be happy with the outcome to say the least. We are all vulnerable to tornadoes, extreme heat and flooding. Supply chain disruptions and a host of other realities are just the tip of this self created problem, what are we waiting for?

IDEAS sponsored by

Voting Is For Lovers

Our Senate in action.

Do politicians really believe that we can take them serious anymore?
It's easier to follow the money.

Our future depends on this?

When one person can stop the government from doing their job it is time to rethink the equation. Some suggest this is a new form of ransom or even a sell out. When one person can stop our progress you have to start looking under some rocks to see which one he or she climbed out from under.
It is good to make a valid point in our world but to harm the rest of us with destructive behavior is not the oath taken when elected. Last time I checked. Anyone that would punish volunteers (Active Military) who choose to work for less money for the good of the rest of us, has never had anyone around them in a military family.
No skin in the game so to speak.
I propose we have a national online vote where we can suspend the state the destructive politician is from, participation in our union. Basically throw them out and let them fend for themselves. We can put a black patch over one star in our flags and move on.
Playing ego games with our nation's military personnel and their families is about as anti American as I can think of.

The Next World Order 

If people are not going to do what is best for the group then what is the purpose of our union with them. It reminds me of when I was a kid and the spoiled brat took the marbles and went away. The game did stop as this one has, but this is our nations military.

Paul Daniels

Dare to be the solution.

What makes us great

Last Chance.

Speak Out

Give us your thoughts.

Go Think

With our country so divided, who is going to lead the effort to put the United back into United States?
Is it even possible?
We can't even get a handle on our carbon footprint, plastic pollution and the slow disappearance of drinkable water much less being civil to one another.

Billionaires taking joy rides to outer space and millionaires travel the globe on their private flying palaces. The line in the sand moves often, depending on how much money you have or can even be totally erased if you have the Presidential Magic Wand. 
This "I want to save the planet" but we have to do it Tuesday because I'm taking my jet to Maui for the weekend" attitude is not going to get the job done. There is no Planet B we can go to until "they" get it fixed. We are the last line of defense. is a anthem to raise up our collective voices and be heard. Join your voice to ours.

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